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September 26 2012

 Los Angeles headshots



Like my 'Headshots Los Angeles' video says, 'time is passing', so give yourself the chance to get ahead in your career.

Headshots actors

It's your photos which are the first things viewed by casting directors and agents who often take just seconds to decide who is worthy of a call or not. Your photos are very important and can open the way to coveted acting roles and modeling assignments.

Headshots actors
I am located in Hollywood in order to cater to the main studios, agents  and acting and modeling hopefuls alike.

I specialize in headshots for  actors, performers, TV personalities and models who need and demand the best content for their portfolios.

My experience of living and working in Hollywood helps me to bring out in you what they want to see.

In fact, for whatever reason you need a photo portfolio, whether it's acting, modelling, CV, Facebook, 'Meeting People' website, or just for friends and family, the same criteria apply!  Take a look at my photographers headshots examples on my website to see for yourself.

Why not give me a call on 813 389 2646 and set a date? Check out my special 'free look' offer -

click the link below...I really look forward to seeing you!


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